Evening Telegraph Bingo

Did you know Dundee’s favourite newspaper plays Bingo with a £250 jackpot EVERY WEEK throughout the whole year? Pretty awesome.

And what’s even more, is that you can join in and drop out any week because we refresh the game every Saturday.

How does it work?

Pure dead simple. The Bingo ‘book’ is printed inside the Weekend Magazine every Saturday – just buy a copy of the Tele on a Saturday and start playing straight away.

Keep your bingo ‘book’ from the magazine, then go to page 15 of the Tele for your numbers from Saturday – Friday.

Each game wraps up on a Friday, then start your new game again from the Saturday.

How easy & how fun right? Good Luck Bingo Buddies!

How to claim

To claim a full house prize, you must call the claim line on 01224 343187 between 9am-11am the next publishing day after your last numbers appeared in paper.

Claims from Friday to be made the following Monday. Ensure that you have your bingo game to hand as you will be asked to quote your unique code.

T&Cs (small print): Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to take part in the weekly bingo. Game 1 launches on January 19 2019. The editor’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered in to.  Please click here for full T&Cs https://www.eveningtelegraph.co.uk/competition-terms/

If you have missed any numbers, you can call 01224 343187 to request them.

The boring (but legal) bit:

A selection of numbers will be printed in paper daily from Saturday to Friday. If any numbers published in-paper appear on your bingo grid for the game in play – mark them off.

When you’ve marked off all 15 numbers on your grid for the game in play, you can make a claim for that game and the weekly prize money.

The first person to claim on a full house will scoop the £250 jackpot. In the event of more than 1 winner at the same time then the jackpot will be split between the winning players.

For any queries about bingo, or if you are a digital subscriber, please call 01224 343187.

This competition is governed by our general competition terms and conditions, for full details please click www.thetele.co.uk/terms 

Your game “card” is printed on the page of your Seven magazine inside your Weekend Telegraph every Saturday – pick up more Saturday copies to play more games through the week.
Bingo numbers are printed inside the Evening Telegraph daily Monday – Friday.