Twitter boss Jack Dorsey admits he doesn’t use a computer or tablet

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(Andrew Matthews/PA)

One might assume that the tech top dogs in Silicon Valley are surrounded by devices, but that doesn’t appear to be the case for Twitter boss Jack Dorsey.

Responding to tweets on his social network, the chief executive told a reporter that he doesn’t use a computer, laptop or tablet.

Even when offered a Surface Go from a Microsoft director in a separate tweet, Dorsey turned down the offer, simply replying: “Thank you but no.”

Presumably this means the 41-year old does everything on his smartphone.

Dorsey recently gave evidence to US senators about efforts to halt election meddling online – where he was seen reading notes from his smartphone.

Mobile overtook desktop as the most popular form of internet use in 2016, while sales of desktop PCs have slumped for a number of years.