UK hopeful SuRie ‘so excited’ about Eurovision grand final

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Eurovision hopeful SuRie says representing the UK is “a dream”.

SuRie, whose real name is Susanna Marie Cork, will be performing her track Storm in Lisbon at the grand final on Saturday.

The UK, as one of the “Big Five” countries, automatically qualifies for the final of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Speaking at the first of two semi-finals, while watching other countries battle it out for a place on Saturday’s show, she said she felt “so excited”, adding: “It’s such a dream.”

Asked whether there were any “divas” to compete with, she joked: “You can hear them.

“I just hide in my little room, i don’t know who they are. But you can hear them. They’re loud!”

DJ Scott Mills, who is part of the BBC’s Eurovision commentating team, has labelled SuRie’s track the “most Eurovision-friendly song the United Kingdom’s had in years”.

“I think just stepping on that stage, as the lead artist representing the UK, I don’t think anything can beat that,” SuRie told fellow commentator Rylan Clark-Neal in Lisbon.