VIDEO: ‘Somebody must know him’… New footage gets clearer look at thief who confronted Dundee homeowner

New footage shows the the thief who came face to face with a Dundee homeowner in the dead of the night.

The Tele reported that Deborah Findlay, 53, was at home with her 21-year-old daughter when the brazen criminal struck at her home in Strathspey Place — asking her how she was doing before making off with £400 in cash and a purse.

Deborah said she came face to face with the man, just after 1am, in her kitchen.

CCTV footage previously released showed the crook making several attempts on the property and crawling up to the door, before he is spooked and hides across the road.

Further camera footage showed him making two attempts to break into Deborah’s car, wiping his fingerprints on one occasion and putting on gloves for the second.

In the latest footage the thief can be shown clearer, brazenly sparking up a cigarette and trying to access the boot of Deborah’s car.

The man — who Deborah said was about 6ft and wore a scarf over his face — appears unsteady on his feet as he casually checks out the exterior of the house.

“He has a screwdriver in his back pocket – this guy is a danger,” said Deborah in a renewed appeal. “Someone must know him.”

“He has a distinctive gait and is unsteady on his feet. He was in my house for nine to 11 minutes while the lights were on – if he isn’t found he will do it again.”

Deborah had previously recounted her horror about the incident, which took place in Strathspey Place, Broughty Ferry, in the early hours of April 10.

She previously told the Tele: “When I saw him he turned around and said ‘how you doing?’.

“I screamed and ran out the front door and into the garden. I was shouting for someone to phone the police.

“It was horrible — he was right in the kitchen. My daughter was upstairs and I shouted on her to phone the police.”

“He has actually been in this house twice — and tried on two other occasions. I was just in my living room watching TV at the time.”

“This person needs caught — he has definitely done this kind of thing before.”

Appealing for witnesses to come forward, a spokesman for Police Scotland said there had been break-ins at Strathspey Place in Broughty Ferry and Arbroath Road overnight on April 9/10, during which personal items and money were stolen.

VIDEO: Chilling moment thief creeps into Dundee house and comes face-to-face with homeowner