Man shouted abuse at street researcher who said ‘have a nice day’

The Tesco Metro store in the Murraygate.
The Tesco Metro store in the Murraygate.

A MAN became abusive towards a street researcher after she told him to “have a nice day”.

Dundee Sheriff Court heard Richard Owsiak took the woman’s comment to be ironic moments after he told her he “hated” the job she did.

The incident took place at the city’s Murraygate.

After having become abusive towards the woman, Owsiak, 63, of Fairbairn Street, then went into a nearby supermarket.

He told a security guard who had witnessed the incident that he “hated people who say have a nice day”.

Fiscal depute Trina Sinclair told the court the incident happened at 3.45pm on May 27, at Murraygate, outside Specsavers and Tesco Metro.

The fiscal said: “The complainer was carrying out market research on the street.

“She asked him a question as he passed her.

“He stopped and said to her that ‘people don’t hate the sinners, they hate the sin. I don’t hate the people, I hate the job.’

“He then began to walk off and she said ‘have a nice day’ at which point he turned round and shouted at her.”

Owsiak shouted offensive comments and swore repeatedly at her.

He then walked into the Tesco Metro nearby where he spoke to a security guard.

The fiscal continued: “She was visibly upset and crying.

“A security staff member at Tesco, who had witnessed the incident, asked the accused what had happened.

“The accused told him he ‘hated people who say have a nice day’.”

Solicitor Doug McConnell, defending, told the court Owsiak had presented him with a number of “irrelevant” reasons to explain his behaviour.

Mr McConnell said: “He took the ‘have a nice day’ comment ironically and that set him off.

“He knows he over-reacted.

“He wishes to apologise to the complainer.

“He knows there was no way his behaviour would not frighten a young woman in that situation.”

Owsiak admitted behaving in a threatening or abusive manner by shouting and swearing, at Murraygate, on May 27.

Sheriff George Way deferred Owsiak’s sentencing until March 10 for good behaviour.