Jail for thug who hit man in face with dumbbell

Dundee Sheriff Court.
Dundee Sheriff Court.

A 35-year-old Tayside man smashed a glass bottle off his cousin’s friend’s head and then hit him in the face with a dumbbell.

Dundee Sheriff Court heard Michael Smith carried out the violent attack on Stephen Laird, 18, within his cousin’s home.

The pair, Smith’s cousin — a mutual friend of Smith and Mr Laird — and a group of others were drinking together at Smith’s cousin’s home on East High Street, Forfar, on June 27.

Fiscal depute Eilidh Robertson told the court that later that evening, Smith’s mother came to the house and was “upset and under the influence of alcohol”.

She dropped her mobile phone and it fell under the couch, before leaving with Smith and without her mobile phone.

A short time later, she returned and retrieved her phone.

However she had already told Smith her phone was missing. The fiscal said: “The accused entered and shouted that his mother was upset.

“He picked up a glass bottle and threw it and it smashed off the floor.

“He then picked up another bottle and threw it and it smashed off the complainer’s head.

“The accused then went into the bedroom and re-emerged with a dumbbell, which he used to hit the complainer on the face.”

Smith shouted that he had a knife and would stab whoever took his mother’s phone.

Everyone within the property ran out and the police were contacted a short time later.

An agent acting on behalf of the accused said: “He has a fairly unenviable record — all of which was committed whilst under the influence of alcohol.

“He had abstained from alcohol for one year before this offence.

“He thought it was time to try having a few drinks and things unravelled from there.

“He knows now him and alcohol do not mix and he cannot have any alcohol.”

Smith, a prisoner at Edinburgh, admitted assaulting Stephen Laird by striking him on the head with a bottle and striking him on the face with a dumbbell, to his injury, at a property on East High Street, Forfar, on June 27 while on bail.

And he admitted behaving in a threatening or abusive manner by uttering threats of violence, throwing bottles, handling knives, shouting and swearing, on the same date and location.

Smith was jailed for 192 days.