Andrew’s online venture aims to promote Dundee

Andrew Batchelor is set to launch a website promoting the city.

A new website to promote Dundee and attract more visitors is to be launched next week — by a city schoolboy.

For most 14-year-olds, August is normally a time to get ready to go back to school and prepare for a year of exams ahead.

But Andrew Batchelor, from Claverhouse, already has his sights on the world of business and building the Dundee brand.

The Harris Academy pupil, who runs a number of social media accounts to promote the city, hopes the new web page will promote Dundee to potential overseas and UK visitors.

The youngster also hopes Dundonians might be able to learn a little bit more about their city. Andrew added: “I really want to go into business when I’m older.

“I’m doing lot of things like business studies and IT when I go back to school, but this was a project I wanted to do so that I could build on what I already have on Facebook and Twitter.

“I was approached by the man who runs City Life, a free newspaper in Glasgow, who said he was inspired by what I was doing and said I could turn it into a business.

“He said it was a great opportunity.

“I really love Dundee, so thought it would be a great opportunity to sell the city and give me a good start for what I want to do when I grow up.”

Andrew’s website will provide people with a guide to the city, a what’s on section, information about museums, theatres, the V&A and some of the city’s history.

He has already created his own brand and logo and hopes the site will be used by anyone visiting the city or perhaps by Dundonians just looking for something to do.

Andrew’s mum, Gill, said that she was very proud of everything he had achieved at such a young age.

She added: “For only being 14, he is so motivated and is doing all of this off his own back.

“I think that we often take everything Andrew does for granted. It was not until we spoke to other people that they made us realise what he does is a really big deal.

“He recently met Fiona Hyslop MSP, the Cabinet Secretary for Culture, at the launch of Dundee becoming a UNESCO City of Design.

“She was so impressed by what he was doing and the fact he was only 14 amazed her even more.

“At school his teachers have all said to us that what he does is incredible. It really bowls us over how proud we are of what he’s doing.”

Mrs Batchelor added that she believed the website looked “very professional”.

At just 12, Andrew became the youngest city ambassador, alongside the likes of Lorraine Kelly and Lesley Riddoch.

His Facebook page already has more than 4,200 likes.