GALLERY: Tourists push boat out for biggest-ever cruise liner to dock in Dundee

Weighing more than 46,000 tonnes and spanning more than 700ft, it is the biggest cruise ship ever to dock in Dundee.

The Magellan arrived in the city for the first time on Sunday, collecting excited passengers before setting sail on a week-long trip to the Norwegian Fjords.

The 726-cabin ship owned by Cruise and Maritime Voyages has six bars, three restaurants, a nightclub, a casino, swimming pools, and a shopping centre.

The cruise is the first of three trips to dock in Dundee with the ship again departing from the city on April 5 and 12.

Colin Ramsay, owner of Ramsay World Travel, which is marketing the cruise, said it has been “a roaring success”.

He added: “It has been a virtual sell-out. This is the largest cruise ship that has ever come to the city.

“The passengers will also enjoy absolutely beautiful scenery in Norway.”

It is now hoped that the success of the trips, combined with the ongoing transformation of the Waterfront, will see Dundee become a top destination for cruise companies.

Colin added: “These three cruises have been a fantastic success and it looks like CMV will be bringing another of their ships to Dundee next year which we are over the moon about.”