A happy ending in tail of woe after dog swallows large ball whole

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Most dogs will put up a bit of a fight when other pooches try to steal their toys.

But black lab Alfie took self-defence to a whole new level after stopping a rival by swallowing a large melon-shaped ball WHOLE.

One-year-old Alfie was out on a walk with owner Judith Mckenzie and her other black lab Biba in Orchar Park when he bit off more than he could chew.

Last Tuesday, the normally mild-mannered Alfie stole the six-inch orange ball and refused to budge when another dog tried to take it.

Judith, 37, of Broughty Ferry, said: “The ball was from another couple, but Alfie just wouldn’t give this particular ball back so they let us keep it. Another dog was trying to play with Alfie, but he swallowed the ball it went right down.

“He seemed fine, but I knew it wasn’t going to come out of the other end so I called the vet.”

It was decided to try giving Alfie an injection to make him sick in the hope he would cough it up otherwise he’d have to undergo an operation.

Much to Judith’s relief the orange ball appeared about 10 minutes later.

Alan Hill, a partner at the Barnhill branch of Parkside Veterinary Group, was the vet who treated Alfie and he was shocked when he saw how big the ball was.

He said: “Labs are smashing dogs, but they do eat everything and anything and Alfie is no exception.

“I was concerned as it could have caused a blockage, which would have been serious.

“So we tried the injection and after being sick half a dozen times it came up, which was a huge relief.

“I didn’t quite realise just how big the ball was! Thankfully it was a happy ending.”