Ryder Cup will ‘boost economy for years to come’

The economy of Perth and Kinross will feel the benefits of the Ryder Cup for many years to come, councillors have been told.

“At this time last year we earmarked 500,000 from our resources to fund promotion and infrastructure at the Ryder Cup,” administration leader Ian Miller said at a meeting of the strategic policy and resources committee.

“I’m sure that everyone who witnessed the event will agree that this was money well spent.

“I would ask you all to join with me in congratulating and thanking our dedicated staff who did so much to ensure that Perth and Kinross was shown in the best light possible.

“Through their efforts, the economy will benefit for years to come.”

Mr Miller was speaking as the committee discussed the first quarterly monitoring report for the current financial year, which he said “makes very good reading”.

“Overall, we anticipate a net projected underspend of 2.256 million on the revenue budget for 2014/15 and another 579,000 on the DSM (devolved school management) budgets,” said Mr Miller.

He said that education and children’s services are expected to be 1.226m under budget; housing and community care 444,000 under budget; environment services 174,000 under; and the chief executive’s service is projected to be 264,000 under budget.

“I want to thank each of these services for their application in achieving these, already significant, savings at this early stage of the year’s accounts,” said Mr Miller.

The councillors also heard that the gross capital budget is more than 298m and housing investment stands at a further 63m.