Fraudsters dupe Montrose OAPs out of 40,000

Police are urging residents in Montrose to be vigilant after two OAPs were duped out of 40,000 in separate telephone fraud incidents.

The incidents are believed to have happened between Sunday August 17 and Wednesday August 20.

The fraudsters cold-call claiming to be a representative of the individual’s bank. They then state that their bank account and debit cards have been compromised and persuade them to transfer funds from their existing account into a new account.

This type of fraud is commonly known as “Vishing” and police are urging people to be aware of telephone calls of this nature and to ensure elderly or vulnerable family and friends are aware of such scams.

PC Ian Campbell, who is looking investigating these incidents said: “This is a despicable crime committed by fraudsters who pick on vulnerable individuals and I want to raise awareness within our community of this scam to ensure that no-one else falls victim to this.

“If you are cold called by someone claiming to be from your bank, it is advisable to call your bank using a different phone as scammers can leave the phone line open and reconnect as soon as you dial a new number, continuing the cam by pretending to be a different person from the same organisation.

“Please be aware that banks do not request personal information over the phone and would not ask you to transfer money to a different account. Anyone who is unsure of what to do when receiving a phone-call like this should always seek a second opinion.

“If you do suspect the call to be suspicious, hang up the phone and advise your bank.”