Your Voice Wednesday August 6

Coastal path is for everyone

With the beautiful weather, my family and I have been enjoying evening walks from Broughty Ferry to Monifieth along the coastal path.

This path is perfect for walking, scooting and cycling and, as such, you’ll see lots of people doing these things when the weather is fair.

It’s wonderful to see the path being used so much, but I have to say the attitude of some of the cyclists leaves a lot to be desired.

I make sure my children know they should keep to one side of the path and watch out for cyclists approaching from either direction.

But, too many times, the same courtesy is not extended by the cyclists. Last week, a man on a bike tutted and muttered as my son made his way across the bridge over the Dighty on his scooter as his progress was obviously not fast enough for the man’s liking.

On another occasion, a woman furiously rang her bell, clearly expecting that everyone should clear the way for her to race through.

It’s all very well to ring your bell to alert others to your presence, but it’s quite another to think this means you won’t have to slow down or make room for other path users.

I dread to think what would happen if one of these cyclists clipped my children’s scooters as they race past.

I understand many cyclists use this path all year round and it must be frustrating not to get a clear run home in the summer months, but all the same, the path is for walkers too, and even small people on scooters. Miffed Mum.

Get police guns back in the boot

I would like to bring to Tele readers’ attention a story from America about a woman being shot dead after a police chase in Albuquerque. She was running away from the police and, after the shooting, was found to be unarmed.

So, following the pictures in the Tele of armed police going about routine duties in Dundee, I ask, is this the way forward in Scotland?

Is this the best Kenny MacAskill can offer and in doing it ‘hush hush’, who does he take us, the electorate, for?

Mark my word, what happens in America will happen here.

Get the guns back in the boot of the armed response team cars where they belong.

This is a system that has worked up to now, so why change it?

Gun free Dundee, I say. T.R., St Mary’s.

Outcry is unnecessary

A couple of police officers are armed in Dundee and what an unnecessary outcry there’s been about it.

Dundee folk should realise we live in an increasingly violent society. Of course armed police are becoming common elsewhere. Reader, Dundee.

Not right to get lawyer fees

My name is Ruby and I am still at school.

I’m writing to the paper because I don’t think it’s right for Lee Rigby’s killers to be paid for their lawyer.

They shouldn’t even have a lawyer in this case as their actions were too sick. Also lots of people saw them do it so they were definitely guilty and they should be made to die in prison, so they shouldn’t even be paid to pay their lawyer when they don’t need one.

I wrote about this because these men are very wicked people who are filled with poison if they could do that to an innocent soldier. Ruby.

Hat’s the way to do it, boys!

I’ve been really enjoying the James Bond movies from the start on ITV4 on a Saturday night.

Sean Connery’s my favourite Bond and I love all the fashions in the early films Dr No, From Russia With Love and Goldfinger. Men look so smart in suits.

Funny to note, too, how men always used to wear hats. I think they look really great and I wonder why they went out of fashion the way they did. I read once it was because JFK didn’t like to wear one. Perhaps if Barack Obama started wearing a hat, they’d come back in style. I bet he’d look great, too! Happy Hattie.