Paul Hartley’s praise for ‘solid’ Dundee new boy Thomas Konrad

No Premier League giants will take on Dundee this pre-season.

Dundee boss Paul Hartley has praised the work of his “other German” in the build up to the new season.

A flurry of goals in friendlies has seen Luka Tankulic grab the headlines but Paul has also been very pleased with centre-half Thomas Konrad.

Thomas is a solid defender who gets on with his job,” he said.

“Luka is at the other end of the pitch where you tend to get more headlines and he has been terrific so far and looks a real prospect. I think we have a good player on our hands.

“Around the place, Thomas is also the quieter one. Luka is a bit more outgoing.

“However, Thomas is a player, too. He reads the game well, is good in the air and very strong. That’s what you want from a centre-half and he’s looked the part so far.

“His timing is good and he’s aggressive when he has to be. He can also pass the ball which is important in the way we play.

“We encourage the players to pass it and he can.

“It’s good the two of them are here together also because that’s a help and they get on well.”

In the future, Paul admits he will be more than willing to look at others from overseas.

“It’s definitely a market or route we want to go down, looking at players from different countries. So long as they’re good ones we’ll be interested.”

Meanwhile, Dundee have not ruled out getting left-back Adam Dodd, a trialist at Sheffield United on Friday, up for training.

They may, though, look at other options to try to provide cover for Willie Dyer on the left of the defence.