VIDEO: Dundee salon worker flashes bum in fury at Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards organisers

A member of staff at a Dundee salon today told how she jumped on a stage and flashed her bum to vent her fury at the organisers of an awards ceremony.

The cheeky protest took place at the INAA Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards yesterday in Glasgow.

Kerry Campbell, 26, a colourist at the Glamour Dundee salon, said she had taken offence at the way the authorities were managing the event.

The tensions came to a head when a winner was handed an award, only for one of the organisers to come on stage, take the microphone and announce they hadn’t won at all.

Video footage from the event shows Kerry jumping up from her seat, striding towards the stage, before lifting up her dress at the organiser, making a rude gesture and striding back to her table again.

Kerry said she was now feeling embarrassed about what she did, but admitted it felt “appropriate” at the time.

She said: “I went up on stage to say to her that it was wrong and everyone deserved to be there.

“She turned and said to me ‘get off my stage.’ So I walked away from her and made a gesture, and then flashed her my bum.

“It seemed appropriate at the time, but now I’m extremely embarrassed.”

Kerry’s boss, Ashley Hutton, 32, added: “I think Kerry did the right thing.

“I don’t think she planned it, it was just an instinctive thing to do.

“Kerry just went up there on the stage and flashed her bum. She was a hero to the entire room.”

In response to the flashing, a spokeswoman for INAA said: “It did happen.

“I don’t know what salon she was from and we are still trying to find out who she is.

“It was an absolute disgrace. The Lord Provost of Glasgow was there, among other high profile characters.”*Video courtesy of Ashley Hutton.