VIDEO: ‘Psychic’ lemur predicts Scottish Cup final winner

Who is going to win tomorrow’s Scottish Cup final?

In the past, World Cup winners have been chosen by octopuses, so the Tele decided to put the phenomena of animal predictions to the test by visiting Camperdown Wildlife Centre and letting one of the animals predict the winner.

Leona, a nine-year-old black and white ruffed lemur, was presented with two bowls representing Dundee United and St Johnstone. And she picked a definite winner.

Camperdown’s education coordinator, Bradly Yule, said: “I don’t know anything about football. I’m an animal conservationist, not a sportsman, but I’m OK with letting my animals have a go at picking a winner.”

Although Leona seemed happy predicting who the victors of Saturday’s eagerly anticipated match would be, lemurs aren’t known for being football lovers and prefer to climb instead.

Yule explained: “They are very active. Climbing is their main sport. All these trees are their domain.”

Watch the video to find out who Leona predicted will win.