Tay bridge battered by winds of over 70mph

Dundee was battered by 71mph winds today, shutting down the Tay Road Bridge to all high-sided vehicles.

A bridge spokesman said restrictions were being implemented on traffic, with double decker buses,high-sided vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians being denied access.

“Right now, we’re looking at wind speeds of around 70mph,” he said.

“We close the bridge entirely if we start to reach the 80mph mark but forecasts indicate we’ve reached the peak and winds should dissipate.”

Cars and single decker buses were still being allowed access to the bridge and officials indicated restrictions may be lifted entirely later in the day.

A spokesman for the Met Office added that the afternoon would continue to unleash wet and windy weather upon the Tayside area.

“It will be wet into the first part of the afternoon with some heavy rain at times, especially across Perthshire,” he said.

“It will become drier and a little brighter from the northwest later with a few showers, and these strong winds will continue to ease throughout the day.”

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service said it was anticipating some weather-related calls throughout the day, and would be on stand-by to assist anyone affected by the high winds and heavy rains.