Your Voice Monday 10 February

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Readers be alert to this postal scam

I’d like to make Tele readers aware that there seems to be a scam doing the rounds.

I received notification on letterheaded paper from the “International Lottery Commission Euro Millions” informing me that I had won a grand total of 915,810.

It advises that “due to false practices, we ask that you keep your award information strictly from public notice” until the claim has been processed, and goes on to say that it’s security against abuse by “unscrupulous individuals”.

All I had to do to claim the money was fill in all of my bank details. If only it were true!

I just hope that no one falls for this scam. J. M. Balmullo.

Lack of bags cause of dog fouling issue

As a responsible dog owner who regularly uses Dawson Park, I must agree that the dog poo in the park is on the increase. However dog poo bags were always available.

None are available now.

I have asked one of the park keepers why this is so and he replied that “the council don’t bother sending any to Dawson nowadays”.

I have since phoned the council and they have advised that “Dawson Park don’t bother ordering dog bags any more”.

I am more than happy to pay for the bags that the council supply as they are a far better quality than many you can buy in the shops. But I have to say in light of all this, I’m not surprised that the dog poo problem is on the increase.

Perhaps someone from the council would like to respond? Stewart Hughes

Please bin it

It is good to see that the city council is trying to help stop dog fouling issues by placing more dog poo disposal bins in parks.

But I am afraid that this won’t stop the mess as it comes back to the irresponsible culprits who don’t pick up after their pets. J. B. Dundee.

Laser light ‘game’ dangerous

As I passed four young lads the other day, I noticed that one of them was shining a laser at buses and in houses.

I was sure these lasers are banned here in the UK as they pose a threat when at the hands of malicious people.

I have heard that folk bring these lasers in from abroad.

Perhaps the young lad I saw doesn’t realise the potential harm he could wreak and it may be a word of warning to parents not to let their kids buy these items when on holiday. Concerned.

Rules of using roundabouts

I would like to know what the proper procedure is when entering and leaving a roundabout. When I was learning to drive I was taught the outside (slow lane) was for exit one and two, and the inside lane for all the other exits.

Could someone inform me if this is correct as there seems to be a lot of confusion as to which lane to use. Also, I feel lane markings should be made well in advance, to ensure people can get into the right one in plenty of time. Confused, Menzieshill.