Dundee’s naughtiest secrets revealed!

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The results of the Tele’s love survey are in – and show that there’s a lot of spice in the lives of Dundee’s residents, particularly when it comes to where people are having sex.

Among the places the people who took part in the survey listed as risky places they had romantic encounters were a golf course, a church, Magdalen Green and “behind the burger van on the road to Forfar”.

Other responses included:

* Someone else’s bed

* On a train

* On the beach

* Under the Tay Road Bridge

* A rhubarb field

* The Hermitage

* Upstairs on a bus

* Broughty Ferry Castle

* On a haystack

This is maybe why 22.5 per cent said they had been caught in a cringe-worthy situation!

And over 26 per cent of you admitted to cheating on a partner – with over half saying they had done it a few times.

Nearly 50 per cent of people said they lost their virginity when they were either 16 or 17, and nearly a third of people said they had had between two and five sexual partners (although nearly 20 people said they’d had more than 20 partners). This may tie in with the 20 per cent of people who said they’d had more than ten one-night stands.

Over 68 per cent of people said they were happy with their sex life, and those who aren’t (or are unsure whether they are or not) cited being too tired, too busy, stress and illness among the reasons for not having a fulfilling sex life. But a quarter of people surveyed said they hadn’t had sex in the past 12 months.

And when asked what you do to keep the romance alive, one person said: “Keep things experimental and fun, toys and outfits.”

But many of you replied that it’s about talking and being honest, or that you don’t feel the need to keep the romantic side of things going. One person said that with three children, they “didn’t have time for romance”.

There were some interesting choices for “celebrity you would run away with”. On the list were obvious choices like Johnny Depp, Ryan Gosling, Sandra Bullock and Kylie Minogue, but then there was Dracula, Garfield the cat, Dot Cotton and London mayor Boris Johnson!

Other favourites were:

* Former Dr Who assistant Karen Gillen

* Benedict Cumberbatch

* George Clooney

* Richard Dean Anderson

* Tom Daley

* Gary Barlow

* Hugh Jackman

* Ryan Reynolds

* Kim Basinger

* Salma Hayek

And the keys to a successful relationship? Trust, honesty, respect, shared goals and values, and having a laugh together.

* For more survey results, see today’s Evening Telegraph

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