Drama in Dundee street as BBC’s Silent Witness filmed

BBC film crews were in a Dundee street yesterday (Monday) filming for a new episode of Silent Witness.

A close on Baldovan Terrace will appear on the prime-time drama that follows a team of forensic pathologists as they investigate murders.

Crews filmed the exterior of the close and the entrance hallway, which will be the home of one of the main characters in the episode.

John Withers, unit manager of Silent Witness XVII, said a crew of 35 was on site, along with three large technical vehicles and five smaller ones.

Resident Lauren Caldwell, 21, said having the film crews at her close was totally bizarre.

She said: “I got a letter through the door about the filming and saying they were going to borrow some electricity from us.

“I’m definitely looking out the window. It’s a bit different. It’s certainly out the blue. I’ve only just moved in and it’s a big surprise.

“I think it’s totally bizarre they’ve landed on this close, but it’s exciting too. I don’t normally watch Silent Witness, but I will now to see the building in it.”

Liam Green, who also lives on Baldovan Terrace, said: “It’s fabulous. I’ve never seen anything like this before.

“I’m very curious about how it’s all being done.

“I’m having a look, but trying not to get in the way.

“I’ve seen the programme a few times. It’s kind of impressive they’ve chosen to film some of it here. I mean it’s a big TV show on the BBC. You just don’t expect it.

“I’m fascinated with the whole thing. TV is amazing.”

A neighbour added the showcase would be good for the street and Dundee area. He said: “The filming is exciting.

“We don’t know anything other than what we were told in the letter just that they were going to film on the street between 1pm and 6pm.

“It’s quite a busy street at that time, with cars cutting through to avoid the traffic on Albert Street.

“It’s fun for the street and Dundee area. I think the BBC has done a few filmings in Dundee before. It has some great old places.

“Some people from the BBC were in the street about three or four weeks ago looking at all the closes. Ours is quite clean and bright compared to some of the other ones.”