Dundee woman hit with £600 of parking fines

A Dundee woman has racked up £600 in parking fines for leaving her car outside her own house.

Laura Downie, who lives on Earn Crescent in Menzieshill, said she has been ticketedfive times over the past year for breaking the two-hour parking restriction on the stretch of road outside her front door.

Furious Laura and her fellow residents say it’s “extremely difficult” getting a parking permit.

The 48-year-old senior carer said: “In a year I’ve been fined £600 for parking outside my own front door. It’s because there’s a two-hour parking zone outside my house.

“I think this is discrimination. There’s no other scheme in Dundee that’s got this.”

The restrictions at Earn Crescent are to combat parking problems caused by the volume of traffic to nearby Ninewells Hospital.

Laura said: “There’s a private car park but it’s always full. We’re very close to Ninewells and people visiting seem to use the car park. I think there should be some sort of sign to keep it residents parking only.

“I went down to get a parking permit, I had all the documents about my car but they refused to give me a permit without a copy of my council tax bill. I haven’t been able to go down again. I work a 12-hour nightshift and it’s shut on Saturday and Sunday.”

But Laura is not the only one. Other Earn Crescent residents have also had trouble getting a parking permit.

Alyson Rodger, 42, said: “I have a permit now, but it was extremely difficult to get one. They only cost £5 a year, it’s a minimal cost that’s not the issue. The thing is that they only take a council tax bill to prove you live at your address. Even when I got that I was passed from office to office before I could get my permit.”

Andrew Cosgrove, 62, said: “Permits are so hard to get that most people just have to put up with it.”

A spokesman for Dundee City Council said: “The city council has made it as easy as possible for residents to get the necessary parking permits and guidance. Anyone with any inquiries or difficulties can telephone 432096 or email parkingenquiries@dundeecity.gov.uk.

“A copy of the application form and guidance on how to fill it in as well as the necessary documentation to prove proof of residence and proof of vehicle ownership can be found on the council’s website.”