Perth firm helps people rebuild their lives

It’s an unusual approach to recruitment for a start-up business.

But Tayside man Keith McKeown is determined to find success with a workforce entirely composed of people attempting to put the dark side of life behind them.

His company, Still Waters Perth, is giving men and women with addiction problems the opportunity to rebuild their lives.

“These people are vulnerable and, by giving them these opportunities, we are giving them back their pride in themselves,” said Keith.

“It is also giving them the chance to get back into a working environment and into a structured environment.

“It may have been some time since they had a regular job but, with Still Waters, they have a chance of getting themselves into regular employment and getting themselves back into mainstream life.”

Keith is a member of the city’s Church of the Nazarene, which has built up ministries to the homeless and those afflicted by drug and alcohol addiction.His new company undertakes gardening, gutter cleaning, window cleaning and patio power-washing work.

“Working at these tasks gives people who are looking to get their lives back together the confidence and skills that will enable them to move on in life,” continued Keith.

“There are a lot of homeless people in Perth and people who have drug and alcohol addiction problems. I come across them all the time.

“Among the Still Waters ministries is a feeding programme which operates every Saturday in Perth, and now we have this work programme on the go.”

Keith and others in the workforce have just returned from a venue just outside Welshpool where they worked for four days at a youth camp.

“We did some joinery work, putting doors onto a big barn and we also helped fit out two mobile kitchens,” he said.

“It was hard but enjoyable work and the squad enjoyed getting away for a few days to do some work.

“Completing tasks like this lets these vulnerable men and women see they can overcome their addictions and prove to the world they can contribute to society.

“Anyone employing the Still Waters workforce will get a committed bunch of folk who will do a good job.”