Alcohol industry accused of misleading Scottish Government by study

Key players in the alcohol industry have been accused of misleading a Scottish Government consultation over minimum pricing laws.

A study published in the Public Library of Science Medicine online journal claims evidence on effective alcohol control measures was “distorted” by supermarkets, drinks companies and trade associations.

The research, carried out by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and the University of York, accuses the industry of using “tactics” to influence policy reform during the Scottish Government’s 2008 consultation Changing Scotland’s Relationship with Alcohol.

The Scottish Government has passed legislation setting the minimum price per unit at 50p, although no date has been set to enforce this because of a legal challenge to the proposed law.

The UK Government’s 10-week public consultation on whether to a introduce a baseline amount of 45p per unit of alcohol closed in February.

Its response is expected before May.