VIDEO: Dundee salon worker flashes bum in fury at Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards organisers

By Will Lyon, 2 June 2014 5.50pm.

A member of staff at a Dundee salon today told how she jumped on a stage and flashed her bum – to vent her fury at the organisers of an awards ceremony.

The cheeky protest took place at the INAA Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards yesterday in Glasgow.

Kerry Campbell, 26, a colourist at the Glamour Dundee salon, said she had taken offence at the way the authorities were managing the event.

The tensions came to a head when a winner was handed an award, only for one of the organisers to come on stage, take the microphone and announce they hadn’t won at all.

Video footage from the event shows Kerry jumping up from her seat, striding towards the stage, before lifting up her dress at the organiser, making a rude gesture and striding back to her table again.

Kerry said she was now feeling embarrassed about what she did, but admitted it felt “appropriate” at the time.

She said: “I went up on stage to say to her that it was wrong and everyone deserved to be there.

“She turned and said to me ‘get off my stage.’ So I walked away from her and made a gesture, and then flashed her my bum.

“It seemed appropriate at the time, but now I’m extremely embarrassed.”

Kerry’s boss, Ashley Hutton, 32, added: “I think Kerry did the right thing.

“I don’t think she planned it, it was just an instinctive thing to do.

“Kerry just went up there on the stage and flashed her bum. She was a hero to the entire room.”

In response to the flashing, a spokeswoman for INAA said: “It did happen.

“I don’t know what salon she was from and we are still trying to find out who she is.

“It was an absolute disgrace. The Lord Provost of Glasgow was there, among other high profile characters.”

*Video courtesy of Ashley Hutton.

RobertA68293726 More than 1 year ago

Asleys hair extensions should calm down take it on the chin and move on . It may drum up more buisness for your shop . Lighten up and have a laugh . Was RAY FAE STOBBY BARBERS NO THERE WITH HIS GENE WILDER PERM ?


RobertA68293726 More than 1 year ago
SHE WORKS FOR ASHLEY HAIR EXTENSIONS LOL . Is that extensions she has hanging from her caramel hoop or real pubic hair ?
RobertA68293726 More than 1 year ago
i would have shouted "sook the fertz oot ma erse ya wallopers " aswell so just be gratefull i wasnt there . She could have washed her erse first lol
Ashley Hair Extensions More than 1 year ago

Iv mentioned that to The courier The Sun and STV News. They need to be shown for the money making farce that they are, trying to exploit Independent businesses around Scotland. We need a voice and I'll make sure it's heard, yes it was shocking that she head butted someone yes Kerry mooning her was funny but the real story is in the fact that many hard working people in the industry have been left out of pocket! 

Carolanne Clyde More than 1 year ago
Very poor journalism here.... Attendees/ finalists tell a VERY different side!  Doubt very much the organiser will work again, shameful behaviour!!
Graeme Ttenneb Lvss More than 1 year ago
Why not print the WHOLE story including when the organiser headbutted someone on stage???
Jennifer Brand More than 1 year ago
Disgraceful biased sensationalism from DCT's.  Perhaps you'd do better trying to get to the bottom of what actually happened instead of denigrating the staff of a salon who believed they were attending a well organised awards ceremony.  It's quite easy to see from the video that has since been posted showing the organiser assaulting attendees that there is a much bigger story to be had.
Ashley Hair Extensions More than 1 year ago
The tele is running the complete wrong story in the article they make our Kerry was a sore loser and acted disgracefully?? That's nothing the event organiser got lifted for assaulting someone. Iv now got a video of her head butting a girl, she was attacking people with her handbag and going crazy!! Kerry only tried to get her to calm down, the woman threatened her so she flashed her bum at her and walked away laughing it's totally unfair to run the story that has been written and it's completely wrong, everyone who was there is complaining about the whole event! Kerry flashing was nothing.. People got taken away in ambulances n everything.. Infront of mark wright Michelle Keegan fern McCann Amanda Harrington The Lord provost of Glasgow!! Please get them to get the full story... This story he has written is really bad for my business Iv always been good with you guys?? Ask Lee Harrow! The footage of the head butt and the fight between the organisers on stage has now been uploaded to my page. I'm upset that the guy I spoke to earlier made out that this article was to show INAA for what they really are a farce but instead you have made a mockery of my salon.. The correct story will be in the courier and the sun tomorrow and I expect an apology from the telegraph for this!
RobertA68293726 More than 1 year ago
Smokey Murray More than 1 year ago
What a Chav!
 Shows her backside, then gives the middle finger!! Classy bird. Wont be going there for a haircut that's for sure, end up looking like a right topper with a two tone bonnet! 
RobertA68293726 More than 1 year ago
Chris Hutton More than 1 year ago 
Pauline Davidson More than 1 year ago
Shocking behaviour! 
Angie Paterson More than 1 year ago
Hardly shocking compared to the actual event organizers antics!!!!
Smokey Murray More than 1 year ago
Which was hardly shocking compared to the 9/11! What a stupid comment to make.
It does not matter who behaved better or worse. A dundee based hairdresser flashes her big bum, and then disgraces herself further buy giving the middle finger. Thank goodness DC Thompson has brought this to our attention. Wont be going their for a fake bake and extension thats for sure!
Jennifer Brand More than 1 year ago
Pauline, with all respect, you're only reading what DCT's are publishing.  I know you had staff there last night, did none of them mention the fact that the organiser was assaulting people, blind drunk, retracting awards after they'd been made and basically bringing the awards into disrepute?

Perhaps Kerry may have acted impulsively, but she states that she is now embarrassed by her actions, however, her actions were as a direct result of the behaviour of the organiser.  Watch the video, none of the girls from Glamour were involved in the fight that broke out.
Eightyhours More than 1 year ago
Great advert for Stobswell